Monsoon Flooding

There have been a number of days here in Tucson when the monsoon rains have caused a lot of flooding. Today I checked two of my trail cameras and found that one of them captured two flooding events. The following clips are chronological and if you keep an eye on the rock in the upper right you’ll see how high the flooding range is. The water level rises and falls greater than 6 feet between each heavy rain event and in a short period of time:

Tropical Storm Newton

Tropical Storm Newton recently passed through Tucson and it dropped a lot of water on the way.  Enough that some washes flowed.  The storm also brought in lost pelagic seabirds from the Sea of Cortez, like the Least Storm-Petrel.  The Tucson Wildlife Center took in two petrels. Both did not make it as they had simply run out of gas.  Here is their Press Release: Sea of Cortez Petrels.