Hummingbird Nest Update

The little female Broad-billed Hummingbird continues to incubate her two eggs. She also performs a lot of nest maintenance each day, adding more material or adjusting what she already has.  In order to capture still images of her I set up my DSLR on a tripod with telephoto and on time-lapse, shooting one photo every minute.  Here are three of the best captures:

It’s hot out! Copyright: Greg Joder.
Nest material. Copyright: Greg Joder
Hunkered down. Copyright: Greg Joder.

Author: Gaia Diversity

3 thoughts on “Hummingbird Nest Update”

  1. Love her! Is she doing all of the nest-building / breeding / feeding alone? If so, how does she keep the nest & juveniles safe from predators?


    1. From what I’ve read, after mating, the male goes about his business and the female is left to do all the work. In this case, her nest is in my patio which is snake-proof and other birds rarely enter. Out in the open the nest would be vulnerable to snakes and road runners so hummingbirds rely on being cryptic and hidden as much as possible when nesting.


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